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With decades of experience in web application and software development, more than 200,000 hours invested in building real-time applications, and global recognition as experts in WebRTC, we love creating live video applications for all sorts of industries and use cases. Whether you’d prefer that we build from scratch or use a WebRTC CPaaS, we’re ready to bring your vision to life.

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WebRTC Applications for Telehealth

Telehealth is crucial to make healthcare accessible, especially during the global coronavirus outbreak. A secure, HIPAA-compliant WebRTC telehealth solution allows you and your patients to connect virtually from anywhere with an internet or cellular connection. The convenience, flexibility, and accessibility that telehealth provides is truly invaluable for both you and your patients and clients.

With strong security measures and encrypted data transmission, WebRTC is excellent for telehealth. All video and audio communication is secure and encrypted, protecting your patients’ health information and complying with federal HIPAA regulations. We can include secure, HIPAA-compliant features like messaging, file-sharing, private note-taking, screen sharing, collaborative forms, billing, and more to make your virtual appointment feel like an in-person office visit. We can also integrate with other healthcare applications, like medical imaging software or your electronic medical record (EMR) or electronic health record (EHR).

A telemedicine platform should adapt to your workflow, not the other way around. That’s why we created SimplyDoc, a care-driven telehealth solution that’s HIPAA-compliant and highly configurable to meet the unique needs of your healthcare practice. We make your application truly yours by white-labeling and branding it with your logo, color scheme, and desired text and images. WebRTC.ventures is proud to design, build, and license custom telehealth applications for all kinds of medical and mental health practices. Click here to see some of our custom development work in telehealth!

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WebRTC Services for Corporate Communications

Connect with customers, partners, and employees across the globe! A custom WebRTC corporate communications application can help you close geographic barriers, hold virtual training sessions, save money, and streamline your processes.

  • WebRTC is a great option for corporate communications. It’s encrypted and secure, so your calls remain private and confidential. WebRTC works directly in the browser, so there are no downloads or installations necessary. All you need to join a call is an internet or cellular connection, a web browser on your computer or mobile device, and the secure meeting URL!
  • We can create a custom solution for your corporate communication needs, such as video conferencing, and include features such as messaging, screen sharing, recording, multi-layout options, camera rotation, muting, and more. Unlike common meeting tools like Skype and Zoom, we’ll add your company’s logo and branding, and we can build additional custom features to meet your needs.

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WebRTC Applications for Broadcasting

Stream live events and conferences to viewers anywhere! With a custom WebRTC broadcasting application, you can provide professional, educational, news, sports, and gaming content for large audiences around the world.

WebRTC is excellent for broadcasting. Its encryption and security allow you to hold private events and conferences that are only accessible to your intended audience. Because WebRTC is browser-based, viewers can easily access your broadcasts by typing in your secure live event URL on any computer, tablet, or smartphone.

We worked with the Vonage (formerly known as TokBox) team to build the Interactive Broadcasting Solution to help you live stream your events to large audiences. Using Vonage’s OpenTok API, Interactive Broadcast Solution is an easy-to-use broadcasting tool that’s truly interactive. Your viewers can request to join you and your presenters on stage to comment or ask questions, and you remain in full control of each participant’s video and audio streams. Presenters can share their screens and chat directly with you, the event producer, and multiple event broadcasts can take place simultaneously. You can embed the Interactive Broadcast Solution into a website or application, broadcast to other channels like Facebook Live or YouTube Live, and record sessions to watch or distribute later. The platform is customizable and can include your logo, color scheme, and additional custom features for your unique use case. Click here to see some of our custom development work in broadcasting!

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WebRTC Services for Online Education

Make education more accessible with a custom online learning solution! A WebRTC online education application brings class, office hours, and tutoring sessions directly to your students. With better access to instructors and course content, students may be more likely to grasp material and succeed academically.

WebRTC is great for tele-education. Working directly in the browser, it’s easy for students and parents to access the classroom or one-on-one meeting using any device and supported web browser. With no downloads or installations necessary, there’s less room for confusion and technical difficulties. Additionally, we can build encryption and security measures to prevent unauthorized users from entering your secure sessions, so you can hold lectures and meetings with peace of mind.

Our experienced team is ready to bring your remote learning vision to life. We can build your live video education platform with features like whiteboards, annotations, screen sharing, file-sharing, offline messaging, and more. Thanks to our user experience (UX) design experts, your tele-education tool will be intuitive and easy to use for all ages.
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WebRTC for other live video and audio use cases

We don’t limit ourselves to telehealth, video conferencing, broadcasting, and online education. If you have a use case for a live video and audio application that isn’t listed here, we want to hear about it! From tele-law to virtual call centers, you can trust us to build a secure live video and voice solution for any use case.

About WebRTC and WebRTC.ventures

What is WebRTC? WebRTC is an open-source technology that allows real-time communications directly in web browsers and mobile applications. This means that you can use live video and audio without requiring any downloads or installations. WebRTC video and audio can be used in virtually any live video and audio application for any industry or use case, including telehealth, video conferencing, broadcasting, and online education.

What are the benefits of using WebRTC? WebRTC has many advantages over other video and audio technologies:

  • WebRTC is encrypted and secure, so you can hold private, confidential conversations.
  • There are no downloads or installations necessary, making your application easy for your customers, employees, clients, patients, and students to use.
  • WebRTC can be used on any device with any supported browser, so users don’t need to switch devices and most won’t need to switch browsers.
  • It adapts to network conditions to provide each user with the best video and voice communication possible.
Which programming languages, frameworks, and third-party services does WebRTC.ventures use? WebRTC.ventures builds applications using many different programming languages, frameworks, and third-party services. Our preferred development stack includes JavaScript, Node.js, Reactjs, Python, and Ruby on Rails. For mobile applications, our preferred development stack includes React Native, Java for Android and Objective-C/Swift for iOS. We also use common third-party services and APIs, such as AWS and Google Cloud services, Pubnub for real-time messaging, Vonage for joining a call using a phone, and Braintree and Stripe for payment processing. We’re proud to partner with Vonage (formerly known as TokBox) and Agora.io. For each project, we evaluate all options and select the best languages, frameworks, and third-party services for every application we create. We enjoy adding features like chat, messaging, file-sharing, screen sharing, whiteboards, annotations, and network tests to our applications.We combine our expertise in real-time development and user experience (UX) design with the best practices in WebRTC to create beautiful, user-friendly web and mobile applications for our clients in all industries. Let’s get started on your custom live video and audio solution today!

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