Using WebRTC to Connect with Your Customers for Live Support is a type of Live Support Application based on WebRTC, targeted to user experience professionals. In this product that our team is actively developing, we have combined PubNub’s realtime networks with TokBox’s video chat capabilities to build an application that allows product researchers to interview live website visitors, share screens, and record those sessions. The product uses the same core technology as a WebRTC based customer support application would, allowing you to build support tools like the Kindle’s “MayDay” customer service application.

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Video Chat with your Site Visitors

Our application is an example of how to build a live support application using WebRTC. We ask our customers to place a javascript snippet on their website, and that allows us to detect visitors to their web page, and invite them into a private one-to-one video chat with a product researcher. We can build the same sort of application to reach your customers where ever they are on your website, and give you a tool to contact them when they need your help the most.

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Do More than just Video Chat

Screen sharing is an important capability to add to your live support application. You can request that your customers share their screen with you so that you see exactly the problem they are having. Or perhaps you want to share your screen with them in order to show them an alternative solution or product.

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Contact us to build your custom live support application! We can work with you to integrate it directly into your existing application in order to provide contextual customer service!

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