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Building Real Time Web Apps eBook

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WebRTC makes it easy to add video and audio chat into your applications, which opens up a whole new world of interactivity to the web. Maybe you have heard about webRTC, want to get started but need to first learn more?

This ebook is for you!

Each chapter will guide step by step in the process of building a webinar tool.

eBook includes:

  • Application overview

  • How to setup a NodeJS + Webpack development environment

  • How to build the frontend using ReactJS

  • How to implement Realtime Messaging

  • How-to build a video conference application using webRTC + tokbox

  • Basic concepts of WebRTC

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Not sure where to start with WebRTC?

We'll develop for your real-time needs and help you disrupt your industry today.

If someone has an idea, but it needs to be prototyped and validated, I am convinced that they cannot find a better team than you guys!

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